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Unfortunately, it is not unusual to be rejected by the bank. As a trader, it has never been harder to set up a business account. Let our experience benefit you. Fill out the form to hear more - it's free and non-binding.

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Competent Advice

With us, you get thorough advice and professional solutions for your audit tasks – without unnecessary time spent.

More Than 30 Years of Industry Experience

We have broad and extensive accounting experience dating back to 1987, specializing in accounting, auditing and tax law.

More Than Just Revision

At Frederiksstadens Revision, a large part of our work is based on consultancy services within finance, insolvency and tax law. 

Is Your Company Missing A Business Account?

Today, your company is required to have a business account for deposits and withdrawals for your business. It is based on the money laundering circular which came into force a few years ago.

This is especially true if you run your business in company form. But many banks today also require that even a sole proprietorship has an official business account, and if you need money back from the public sector, it cannot be done without a business account.

At Frederiksstadens Revision, we help you prepare the business plan and budget for the bank that we match best for your company. Thus, we do not have to apply in many places, but only in one bank. We thoroughly review your personal finances prior to sending the full material to the bank, and then we give you an independent assessment of what may lie within the challenges.

We open an average of 6 accounts a week - shall we help you too?

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What Our Customers Say

Frederiksstadens Revision - Get the best value here! I fully agree with their slogan. My experience with Frederiksstadens Revision has been unique in a positive way. My previous accountant took 400 kroner just to pick up the phone... not here.

  • sabella_zin

    Isabella Zin

    Self-Employed Therapist

Frederiksstadens Revision has helped me with my accounts, reports, etc. since 2017. Since the beginning, FR has been an indispensable sparring partner, both for my accounting but also for my work. Competent advice at a fair price. Highly recommended!

  • gab

    Gabriel Kripalani

    Booost Digital ApS

We open an average of 6 accounts a week - shall we help you too?

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